Wasatch descents

Wasatch ski descents; some classic, some slightly less (or more) so, depending on how you look at these things. Need more info on a ski descent you see listed here? Write in with your question! Address: aok@tetonsandwasatch dot com.

Wasatch Ski Lines: 

The Broken Hearted Couloir

10 Steep lines in Wolverine Cirque

Heart of Darkness



Northeast Ramp, White Baldy


East Couloir, Kessler

God’s Lawnmower, Kessler Peak

Heart of Darkness, a Bail, and the Monte Cristo Gully

Northwest Couloir, Pfiefferhorn

Northeast Couloir, Lone Peak

North Couloir, Pfiefferhorn

Devil’s Castle Couloir

Hellgate Chute

East Chute, Lake Peak

July 4th Tradition, Baldy

My First 10,000 Vertical Foot Day

Suicide Chute

North Face, Mount Superior

West Couloir, Kessler

Granny Chute, Wolverine Cirque

Hallway Couloir

Pfiefferhorn Northwest Couloir

Grunge Couloir, Timpanogos*

Homicide Chute

Little Giant (West Couloir), Kessler

Little Pine Chute

The Crow’s Feet

The Notch, Lone Peak

Little Feat, Femme Fatale, Hangnail

Memorial Couloirs 2 & 4, Plus Tolcat Couloir

Holy Toledo

Apollo Couloir (Bail)

Y Couloir

Box Elder Peak, Southwest Face

Dresden Face

Maybird Couloir

Coalpit #4


Provo Peak

East Face, Mount Raymond

Stairs Gulch

Northwest Face, White Baldy & North Face, Lake Peak

Memorial Couloirs 1 & 4, Mount Olympus

West Face, Mt. Timpanogos

Primrose Cirque plus a Northwest Couloir, Timpanogos

Upwop-ular Couloir, Upwop Peak

Suicide & Homicide Chutes

Pfeifferhorn NW Couloir Ropeless

Bighorn & Lone Peak (south face skiing)

Super Tour

Bent Elbow, Pfeifferhorn

Ciochetti’s Ribbon, Devil’s Castle

Hellgate Couloir, Cardiff Peak

Hellgate Couloir (solo)

Horseshoe, Davenport Hill

Misunderestimated, Davenport Hill

Holy Poblano!

Lapping Main Chute, Baldy

Main Chute on Repeat: 10x

Monte Cristo Directissimo

Monte Cristo Direct (solo)

Cold Fusion, Timpanogos*

North Face, Cardiff Peak

East Face, Sugarloaf

Pinball Alley

The Scythe and Slipstream

Bonkers (Early Season, solo)

North Couloir, Sunrise Peak

Lake Couloir, Lake Peak

Baseball Terms to Describe Skiing

The Abracadabra Chute

Heart of Darkness to Monte Cristo Gully

South Sides: Mount Chicanagua and Chipman’s

Night Skiing / How to Know When You’ve Got Enough Ski Gear

Cocoa Puffs Couloir

Southwest Couloir, North Timpanogos

Northeast Couloir, Broad Fork Twins

Timpanogos to Lone Star to Mineral Fork to Porcupine

Shotgun Chute, Box Elder

Shotgun Chute and (one of the) Cheney Shoots, Box Elder Peak

South Summit, Lone Peak

Y-Not Couloir

Grandview Peak to Lookout Peak

The Hidden Memorials (#’s 6, 7, & 8)

The Hallway

Hobbs Chute, Hobbs Peak

Northwest Couloir, Box Elder

Athey’s Line* (partial)

Snorkel Meter 3 in the Directissimo

Peak 10910 and Athey’s Line

Dromedary South Gully*

NE Couloir, Lone Peak from South Summit

Monte Cristo Direct

Heart of Darkness, the Diving Board, and Rampage

Apollo Couloir, Mount Olympus

NE & NW faces, Mt. Aire

East Face, Broad Fork Twins

The Angelic Doorstep

Beating the Heat in Tips & Tails

Cold Fusion (at room temperature)

Bronco Couloir

Pioneering Pop Tart, aka, the NW Face of Flagstaff

Northwest Couloir, Mount Nebo

Toad Hill

Snowbird’s Center Chute

Shotgun Chute and Abracadabra Chute

The Great White Icicle (a ski descent)

Husking Corn in Tanner’s Gulch

NW Couloir & East Face, Broad’s Fork Twin Peaks

White Pine Couloir

Benson & Hedges Couloir

The Whipple Couloir

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